Academic Lab:-

VIS has well spacious & aesthetically designed classrooms, staff room & A.V rooms, includes maths, science & language labs. From educational aspects to live demonstrations & presentations, the vastness of the entire universe can be experienced within the walls of these learning rooms.

Art & fine art studio: We believe that students should have extensive exposure to their cultural heritage & should be provided with an opportunity to develop their talents in a creative atmosphere through study of art, music, drama & speech. For this VIS has activity hall that enables students to find a new meaning of their expressions.

Science Laboratories: School is equipped with modern laboratories, fulfilling & exceeding requirements of the curriculum. Labs help the students to enhance their practical knowledge by doing various experiments under expert eyes.

Computer Lab: We have computer lab with internet access with all latest tool & applications. A dedicated & qualified staff with all the knowledge surprised & encouraged students to be globalize.

Library: The library is unrivalled with more than books, digital, media, latest periodicals & journals. Students learn when to speak or when to listen; they can also find their best friends in books. Also it polishes the reading & discipline.

Safety & Security: A reliable security system runs in school, a completed fences school. Each room is under surveillance, buses are equipped with GPS & CCTV with personal attendant.

Sports: students here at vidyasagar international school are encouraged to choose from an extensive range of games including athletics, basketball, badminton, cricket, table tennis, football, volleyball, judo, archery, kho-kho, with a motive to faster brotherhood & team spirit ,self esteem, mental alertness & for a healthy life.

Cricket, Archery & Judo academies are going on in full swing.